Saturday, 14 March 2015

One Planet Classrooms

Wow! Have I got some news for you...!

Oh and if you live in Victoria (Australia), there is a little surprise at the end!

I have recently started a new project called One Planet Classrooms (OPC). OPC connects classrooms from around the globe with contrasting cultures, and encourages empowerment and collaborative projects to help make a better world. I am relying on laptop donations to support kids in under-privileged schools and countries, along with funding to ship the laptops to them so they can connected with the rest of the world. The vision of OPC is to create a united, peaceful planet.

I started this project because of my connection with a young teacher in Guinea (West Africa), who is trying desperately hard to keep his school afloat due to the devastating impact of the Ebola virus. I sent him a copy of 'Magnificent Kids!' and he immediately wanted to bring it to life in the classroom. We talked about the kids skyping with me and perhaps a couple of the kids in the book, and I suggested I try connecting his class to a class in Australia. I very quickly realised how many other African schools would dearly love to connect to classrooms in other countries.

I now have around 15 schools in Africa waiting to join, along with schools in Australia, Indonesia and United States. By the way, if you are a teacher or know of a school who might be interested in participating, please let them know and let me know.

My two biggest drivers are animal rights and equality, and I recognised some time ago that the only way we could create a world where both of these were everyday practices, was to educate and empower the next generation.

'Magnificent Kids!' was the most definitive starting point to that journey, and has certainly been the catalyst for some amazing events and projects; specifically One Planet Classrooms.

Can you imagine a world where the next generation are collaborating on global projects, and where the borders of countries and nations disappear to make way for a united 'one planet' partnership? Wow!!! I CAN, and that is my dream. I may not be around to see the result, but I am determined that the world will be a better place because I was here.

Please join my vision to create a united, empowered planet where all living beings (human and animal) are respected and treated with equal regard. This is not, and should not, be a fantasy - this is how we all deserve to live.

Check out the One Planet Classrooms website, and consider a partnership with OPC.

Oh and for those living in Victoria (Australia), as mentioned above, you simply can not go past this event. I will be performing with the Hawai'ian (now living in New York) heart throb and award-winning pop star, Scott Katsura, as part of his 'Aloha Down Under' World Tour, on Sat May 9th, when we combine forces to raise desperately needed funds for OPC. Please come and support the night and you might even get a kiss from the sexy Hawai'ian! OK maybe not - but he will certainly show you a heap of super cool Hula moves. Ooh La La!!! Check out the link here:

One Planet Classrooms Benefit Concert

Look forward to seeing you there!

Peace & Love,

 Benefit Concert

Friday, 13 February 2015

Mrs Green's World interview

Wow! I just got off the phone after an hour long interview with the amazing Mrs Green, from Mrs Green's World. Seriously what a way to celebrate Valentines day! An interview overflowing with love!

We talked about how 'Magnificent Kids!' came about and had a quick look at each and every one of the Superheroes featured in the book. We also talked about how every person on this planet is magnificent and how we can all so easily be called to action just by the stories of these kids and by following our passion. Honestly - we can all change the world!

You can listen to the interview as it goes to air at this link Mrs Green's World - at 6am Sunday 15th Feb (Sydney time), which is 12noon Sat 14th Feb (MST Arizona time). These times zones do get confusing so check out the World Clock in your iPhone or google time zones. Just click on the Listen Now button at the top of Mrs Green's page.

But if you miss the live show, that's fine - you can check out the podcast here anytime you please.

Mrs Green's show has an absolute focus on creating a better world, so who wouldn't want to tune in each week to be absolutely inspired. Wow!

I've got to tell you - Mrs Green rocks!!!!!

Hope you enjoy it,


Thursday, 23 October 2014

Youth speak out after 40 years

2014 is the first year in its 40 year history that the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) has invited youth to present at the annual conference, held in North Carolina this month. ASTC's Annual Conference is the largest and most important  event for nearly 2,000 museum and science centre decision makers globally.

Magnificent Kid, Avalon Theisen presented her organisation Conserve It Forward, as did a number of other youth who are just as passionate about making a difference. 

Straight from the horses mouth, Avalon says:

"I had a GREAT time being part of this group! This was the first time in their 40 year history, that the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) included the voice of youth at their international conference. I had only met Molly Paul from Raleigh Aquatic Turtle Adoption in NC once before, when we both spoke at the Action for Nature International Eco Hero event in San Francisco 2 years ago. Madi and Rhiannon are from Project ORANGS (palm oil), Casey is from Love a Sea Turtle, Help them L.A.S.T., and Cole convinced the McDonald's Corporation to use post-consumer recycled finer in their packaging. We are all part of different groups and projects that are spread around the world, so it was really great to get to be together in person. Peace & love, Avalon"

Well done to Avalon and the other youth presenters for caring so much about the future, and well done to the ASTC for recognising and supporting the magnificence in the younger generation.

If we can make a difference - why wouldn't we?

Monday, 22 September 2014

Book launch success

On Friday night, 19th September Planet Perspective Events hosted the 'Magnificent Kids!' book launch at Kindness House in Fitzroy, Melbourne. It was a fantastic night and very well supported by people who really do believe in a better world.

Apart from sharing how the book came about, the door prizes, count the jelly bean competition, and the amazing array of vegan food, the highlight of the night was Skyping with Avalon Theisen from Conserve It Forward, and Carter & Olivia Ries from One More Generation.

The audience had the opportunity to personally ask the kids questions about their projects, while the kids shared why they believe we need to make change now if we want to take care of the planet.

Sadly we learned that due to poaching, a rhino is killed every 8 hours and 100,000 elephants have experienced the same fate in the past 3 years. Further to that we learned that based on current practices, the ocean will be dead by 2048. These facts are devastating! It is critical we act now to bring about positive change.

'Magnificent Kids!' showcases Avalon and Carter & Olivia, along with 20 other amazing young people who really are changing the world. We were reminded at the launch that if we don't support the next generation to make thoughtful choices, we may not even have a planet left to save - and we all know there is no Planet B!

Here are a couple of pics from the launch, but you can see the entire album here.

Visit  Avalon: 

Visit Carter & Olivia: 

Friday, 12 September 2014

Avalon meets Dr. Jane Goodall

Wow!!!!! Avalon not only got to meet Dr Jane Goodall and have a chat with her, she also got to HUG her! I can't stop saying wow! Dr Jane Goodall is one of the most inspiring people on the planet and who wouldn't want to meet her and be inspired by her.

But the even cooler things is, not only did Avalon get to meet her once, she also led the Dove of Peace walk right in front of Dr. Goodall at her presentation to thousands in Florida! Wow!

You know it really does prove that if your intentions are good and you care beyond yourself, amazing things happen around you.

Avalon please keep spreading your words and actions of love, kindness and peace, so that the world might become a better place. I can see you stepping into Dr. Goodall's footsteps one day! Well done!


Friday, 29 August 2014

Magnificent Kids Book Launch

The official launch for 'Magnificent Kids!' will be held on the 19th September 2014, at Kindness House in Fitzroy (Melbourne). What a spectacular night this will be. Kerryn will be inspiring the audience with why we need to take action to create a better world, as well we will be skyping with some of the kids in the book. This is your chance to chat face to face with these amazing superheroes and ask those questions you have about making a difference.

There will also be other wonderful speakers, refreshments, door prizes and above all... great company! We hope to see you there, and if you RSVP (yes, no or maybe) you will be in the draw to win a copy of 'Magnificent Kids!'.

RSVP here

Monday, 28 July 2014

In Nick's shoes...

Magnificent Kid, Nicholas Lowinger certainly knows how it feels to have the shoe on the other foot. Nick has been supplying new shoes to homeless kids since he was 11 and has changed the lives of over 15,000 children in more than 30 states across America. Wow!!

Now Nick's achievements have been recognised as being 'UPWORTHY' and rightly so. It really doesn't take much to make another person happy and Nick does it effortlessly day in day out. You can see Nick in the Upworthy link, and it's no wonder he won the Peace First Prize. Well done Nick!

Upworthy video

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Camping out for Inclusion

Magnificent Kid, Dani Bowman helps out every year at Joey Travolta's Inclusion Films summer camp.  Inclusion Films teaches film making to people with disabilities. Dani teachers the students how to create animations, and no doubt some of the guys she teaches will become huge film makers. Dani owns and operates Powerlight Animation Studios and has produced many award winning films, AND she started at just 11years old! Wow!!

They finished off the camp with Dani being interviewed by Joey and doesn't she just look like she's made for the job? Katie Couric watch out - Dani might be in your seat before you know it! Good on you Dani - keep rocking' the world!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Amphibians are something to write about!

Magnificent Kid, Avalon Theisen the founder of Conserve It Forward, is now an editor for Frog Log Jr magazine issued by Amphibian Survival Alliance. Wow!!! It seems once you recognise you can be successful with one thing, other successes follow. Seriously folks - put your best foot forward and amazing things happen!

Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA) also featured 'Magnificent Kids!' in their Blog so have a click on the links to check it out. Spend some time over at ASA and Conserve It Forward learning a bit about amphibians, and like Avalon says "They are just non-human people". Enjoy!!!

Here are the links to make it easier:

Conserve It Forward

Amphibian Survival Alliance

Frog Log Jr Magazine

Blog post featuring Avalon and 'Magnificent Kids!'

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Let's do lunch!

In western countries kids go to school to learn, but in some places kids go to school just to get lunch. Often it is the only meal they get. In Kenya there is a school in a slum where that happens. Sewerage even flows throughout their classroom. Magnificent Kid, Luca Berardi has already donated his first hard earned $2000 to make sure the children could be fed for over a month, and now he's helping out again. This time he's collecting books for the school in the hope that the kids will also be motivated to learn as well as eat.

When we live in countries where education is seen as a right, we complain about the stupidest things (called 1st world problems) but really we need to be a whole lot more connected to our brothers and sisters in other places who are struggling to literally stay alive each day. Thank you Luca for all that you do. You are an amazing superhero!